Petit Amsterdam is the work of a little mouse called Frederique. 
He sorts, weighs, franks,....and sends all of our packages.
It is not without reason that he is the sweetheart and mascotte of Atelier Petit-Amsterdam.
You might think; “How did this Atelier acquire this tiny employee?”

Then bear in mind, that just as many mice live in Amsterdam as people. 
In every house .. in the attic .. or beneath floor.. lives a small family of mice. 
Now, don’t let that scare you, because the way of mice and people don’t cross each other very often. They each have their own responsible task in this big city.

But things are different in the Atelier of Petit - Amsterdam, there is a daily, intense collaboration with this little mouse. How did that come about, you might think?

One day, we caught a little mouse there. 
He was sitting on top of the table, hiding behind the teapot, and was feasting on a few cookie crumbs, we pretended that we didn’t see him, and so he dared to come back the next day.. and the next .. and the next day again, to climb on top of the table. 

After a while, we started whispering to him, and we slowly became familiar with each other. And now, we can’t imagine our workdays without this little mouse at our sides.

He doesn't always sit on top of the table with us.
He regularly goes and explores Amsterdam on his own.
Because mice fit through the small nooks and crannies, no door or house is ever truly closed to them, Frederique can go where ever he pleases.

When he returns, he surprises us with the most beautiful finds and stories.
You might imagine how wonderful it is to have such a loyal and special little friend beside us.

Amsterdam is our home. It’s Frederique’s home, Atelier Petit-Amsterdam’s, and of us as makers; we were all born here…
And, if you know that for us, home means being there wherever the heart is, you will know that from this heart, we send out our post to all parts of the world.